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Lake Jason
more commonly known as the Sea of Liberty Project will be one of the largest civic projects ever conducted in North America. Its main goal will be to supply the Texan Southwest with a consistent amount of water needed for sustainable growth in the region. As well as providing Texas with water, the project will also provide southern California and Mexican communities along the Gulf of California with much needed fresh water for farming. The project is nearing and is estimated to be finished by October of 2012.


Starting in late 2008 with cooperation between the United States of Mexico and the Kingdom of Texas, with the projected being prematurely finnaced by several ferms and oil companies in Texas. Gulf Oil Group pledged it's support for the project, with not only in the construction with also aiding in matenance in the projects future.

Stage One

The Department of Environmental Affairs conducted the removal of several native species located in the Gulf of California from its northern habitat to its lower southern habitat of the Gulf of Mexico. The Departments operations was seen as a major proccces in ecology, and is recored as the largest movement of animals by human control.

With the wildlife of northern half of the Gulf of California had been moved construction was able to begin. Several barges and boats were deployed from the Benelux, as well from the Union of Everett, more specifically Louisiania to help in the construction of the main damn to divided the southern and northern portions of the Gulf of California. With construction on the main dam being taken head on, several departments began dividing the northern portion into four sections with Cofferdams dividing each hold of water.

Stage Two

Construction of the main dam ( Verweer Dam ) was completed in 2010, as well with the implantation of the cofferdams which divided the now 'Lake California'. Pumping stations along the Verweer Dam began pumping waters from the entercrossing section between the walls of the cofferdams and drained the center piece of the California Lake into the Gulf of Mexico. Sections of the coffermdams on the northern dam were removed to flow into the center piece, and drained. Now with more then half of the lake empty, developers began allowing the Colorado's fresh waters to fill up the two northern sections around the lakes Delta, this created the freshwater lake, Lake Van Oostrom.

Stage Three

Both of the southern sections were drained, in which would soon be filled with fresh water which had just recently flowed into the northern sections of the Lake. The Colorado was now diverted into the middle section to the lower portions, this gave engineers the ability to build on the shallow Colorado Delta in the northern sections of the cofferdams. With the podlers being mostly built, its infanstructure and building platforms for skyscrappers and its soon to be busy harbour.

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