Zigit (pron: Zy-git) is a city in Georgeland, with a population of 454,700 (2002). it is located about 200 km east of Santa Christina in the state of West Mainland.
Zigit is an industrial town, founded by German immigrants in the late 1860s. Zigit has a reputation for a lack of culture, which has been somewhat justified in the past but which the city is eager to combat. The city is very working-class by demographic, and has a high-proportion of non-European inhabitants.

City of Zigit
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Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: None
Metro Area
357 km²
Population 462,112 (2007 est.)
454,700 (2002 census)
Pop’n rank 9th
Pop Density 1274/
Location  ?????
Elevation 33 m to 73 m
Incorporation 1932
State West Mainland
Members of Parliament 4
State Legislators ??
Mayor  ????
Governing Body Zigit City Council
Time Zone GEST (UTC +5)
Postal Code WM250 to WM255
Area Code 11