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Federal Republic of Zuanauri
Zyanigi Pyigoghouz Fiujia-koku
National Flag
Zuanauri coat of arms
Flag Seal
Motto: Peace, Prosperity, Pacifism
Anthem: Taeguek
location of Zuanauri
Capital Okkai
6°13′S 112°35′E
Largest Chengdu
Official languages Zuanese, English
Ethnic groups 52% Zuanese, 28% Yarphese, 10.5% East Asian, 6.5% Portuguese, and 3% Other minorities
Government Federal republic semi-presidential republic
Christian Seo
Andrew Nikkei
Legislature Millenial
House of Socialist
House of Representatives of Zuanauri
• Total
336,392 km2 (129,882 sq mi) (91)
• Water (%)
• 2011 estimate
156,486,909 (10)
GDP (PPP) 2011 estimate
• Total
$4.348 trillion (2)
• Per capita
$27,786 (3rd)
GDP (nominal) 2011 estimate
• Total
$5.152 trillion (1)
• Per capita
$32,925 (1)
Gini .571
HDI (2011) 0.801
very high · 4
Currency Zuanauri Chek(₵ or 本) (ZCK)
Time zone Zunauri North Time and Zunauri North Time (UTC+13(ZST), +14(ZNT))
• Summer (DST)
 (UTC+14:00(ZSDT) and +15:00(ZNDT))
(September to April)
Date format mm-dd-yyyy
Drives on the right
Calling code +10
Internet TLD .za,.zu

Zuanauri officially the Federal Republic of Zuanauri(Zuanese:君が代าZyanigi Pyigoghouz Fiujia-koku) is a island country located in the Southern Pacific containing two large landmasses and and several smaller islands. The country has 156 million people on two islands. Zuanauri is a highly developed nation with a wealthy economy. Zuanauri's capital is Okkai, and its largest city is Chengdu.

Zuanauri has a very good economy that is ranked in the top ten in the world. Zuanauri's currency is Chek, which is worth US$1.27. It also one of the world's most reserve currency. Zuanauri play a major role in the world's distribution of motherboards, circuits, and electronic devices. Zuanauri is home to 42 of the World 500 Companies.


In the 1200's, the the fist people to come to the island were the Maori. They settle at what is now Ollikai Rock, on the North Island. They had came on canoes from Melanesia and Polynesia. While on the island they hunted [[Dodo


Administrative Divisions

Zuanauri is divided into 22 provines, and two Speical Administrative Territories(Kijia and Grea).






Nippon International Airport is an example of an international airport

Zuanauri has some of the busiest transportation systems in the world. Chengdu Matui International Airport is the busiest in the country and fourth in the world, Chengdu Metro is the third busiest subway system in the world,Okkai Metro is the sixth busiest subway system in the world, and ZUanWays is the busiest ferry transit in the world.

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