Zuwian Kingdom
Juváŋeþ Faðmatkan (Zuwian)
Xübeŋget Fedmätkän (Zonegan)
Dowe Ralāt’a (Droh)
Tsūva Harāldyēu (Itatian)
Location of Zuwia in Rathnaes
and Largest City
Juva Ze Hejmir
Ethnic groups 63% Zuwian
25% Zonegan
5% Droh
3% Itatian
4% Other
Demonym Zuwian
Government Absolute Monarchy
• Zuwia
Jézeq IV
• Total
426,505 square[convert: unknown unit] (14th)
• Estimate
6,800,000 (41st)
• Density
15 per[convert: unknown unit] (142nd)
Currency Zuwian Jos

Zuwia, officially the Zuwian Kingdom (ZuwianJuváŋeþFaðmatkan, IPA: [ʤuvɑɪŋɛθ fɛðmɑtkɑn]) is a landlocked country located in northern Rathnaes. It borders Lynga to the north and northeast, Athimriss to the east, and Mesemyu to the west. The Wajaize Mountains occupy most of the country, with the bulk of the population residing in the eastern part of the country, near the Athmir border. The country covers roughly 426,000 square miles, with a population of approximately 6.8 million. It is nominally an absolute monarchy, but due to the size and geography of the country, the appointed regional governors are able to exert great autonomy, especially in the western part of the country.